Emotion Code with Becky Barnett

Becky Barnett with Emotion Code

Becky Barnett

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I bring with me 20+ years experience as an RN and massage therapist. Other modalities I practice are Healing Touch/Reiki/Access Energy Transformation Bars and Multi-Dimensional Healing. The Multi-Dimensional Healing, which is called Divine Intervention, is an ancient practice taught by Curantera Starr Fuentes and has a lineage dating back to the Mayan civilization.

The Emotion Code is one of the most powerful healing tools I have practiced and when combined with Divine Intervention, only magnifies the total healing experience. Both are included in my Emotion Code sessions and totally work together to remove energy blocks and imbalances quickly and effectively to empower you to experience the greatness you already are!

To reach Becky with additional questions or to schedule an appointment, you can email her at bbarnettrn540@gmail.com or call 949-632-4941.

Becky’s energy and enthusiasm, and love for her work and her clients showed during every minute of my sessions with her. She has taught me SO MUCH and helped me immensely in letting go of old traumas. I feel lighter and clearer and more open-hearted toward life.”