Jordan Essentials

Jordan EssentialsLooking for healthier bath and body care products? Jordan Essentials is a family operated local business based in Nixa, Missouri.  For 18 years, they have been producing a line of products formulated to be the most natural and non-toxic while treating the skin with high-quality ingredients that give superior results.

Peggy Manes, tired of the chemicals she was seeing in the ingredients of bath and body care products, went on a search for healthy hygiene products. She found Jordan Essentials right in her own backyard.

Here in the Ozarks we have a company producing a superior line of products. With body lotions, bath scrubs, magnesium lotions, soaps in bars and liquids, hair care products, essential oils, mineral makeup, children’s products, and even personal hygiene products for men, Jordan Essentials offers a full line of healthy products for your entire family.

Take a look at what isn’t in any Jordan Essentials product:

Jordan Essentials NoNo List

Contact Peggy Manes for more information and/or for a consult on these amazing and affordable bath and body care products at 417-839-6219 or Shop from the comfort of your home at

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