Oneness Now, Lisa Ziebell

Oneness Now, Lisa Ziebell

Lisa Ziebell

Lisa Ziebell is a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher who is committed to sharing her gifts for personal transformation and transcendent global change through her unique, accessible, and transformational modalities. Her journey began in 2002 with a variety of energy medicine and holistic healing modalities. In 2010, she traveled with a group of women and experienced an in depth exploration of the traditional Peruvian/Incan Energy Medicine cosmology and personal healing. She visited Peru yearly to immerse herself in the wisdom and the knowledge passed down from the Altomesayok and Pompamesayok Shamans of the High Andes. In 2016, she received the Hampikamayok initiation rites and began sharing her unique wisdom and knowledge in her local community of Southwestern Missouri and throughout the United States.

Lisa offers energy healing sessions for both individuals and couples. In these sessions, Lisa clarifies the intention for the session with the client and works on their behalf to conduct the healing on multiple levels, including past life and lineage healing. Lisa assists the client in grounding after sessions and provides suggestions for integration. She also offers remote healing sessions.

Lisa provides services for personal and commercial property cleansing.

Throughout the year Lisa conducts classes on the wisdom of the Peruvian Incan energy medicine. These gatherings are a powerful, transformative journey of personal healing, empowerment, spiritual growth, and coming into balance with our true selves, relationships, connection to nature, work, and life purpose. See The Mesa Building Program for more information and check Lisa’s facebook page (link below) for upcoming dates.

What people are saying about Lisa:

“Lisa radiates a gentle light of love! Simply being around her has a calming effect on the soul!”

“The work Lisa does is incredible. She’s heartfelt, kind, and allows you to be in a safe and nurtured place for the practice.”

“The sessions I have done with Lisa have been incredibly fulfilling, informative and freeing. This work has brought light into areas of my life and missing parts of mySelf that I thought long lost back into wholeness.”

You can reach Lisa at 417-827-9217 or connect with her on Facebook.

Oneness Now, Lisa Ziebell