Reiki with Dave and Brenda Lappin

Dave and Brenda Lappin, Reiki Masters and Teachers

Dave and Brenda Lappin

Reiki is a simple and gentle transference of universal life force energy. The Reiki system was “re-discovered” in the late 1800’s by Mikao Usui and is now used and taught worldwide, including in over 800 hospitals across the U.S. This healing energy is the universal life force energy that permeates everything. Some refer to it as chi, ki, prana, love or light.

There is a growing body of scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of Reiki. Research indicates that therapies based in energy or vibrational medicine are favorite choices of complementary modalities.

Reiki is best used for pain reduction, to strengthen and support the immune system, to relieve anxiety and stress, and to decrease side effects of and speed the recovery time of conventional medical therapies.

Dave and Brenda are seasoned Reiki Master Teachers who have been teaching Reiki since 1997.

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For any further questions or to schedule an appointment for a session, you can email Dave at or call 417-631-3419.

To reach Brenda with any questions or to set up an appointment, her email is or by phone, 417-869-8551.