Stacy Rust – Life Coach

Stacy Rust, Life Coach

Stacy Rust

I am a Certified Transformational Coach. I have helped clients overcome a variety of roadblocks that kept them from moving forward in their lives and/or businesses. My top focus is to help my clients find peace, connection to Spirit/God/Universe, and to release pressures that keep them weighed down.

“Stacy is an incredible coach. She seriously changed my life. I do not know what I would have done without her! I recommend her to everyone!”    ~Natasha D.

I provide customized coaching sessions, focused on what you need and want. We will look at what your ideal life would be, and then work toward getting you there.

“Stacy is so safe and easy to talk to. She is incredibly helpful. Together we created some really solid steps to help me in almost every aspect of my life! I’m so excited to be getting started with some great baby steps. Thanks Stacy! Highly recommended!”     ~ Britney B.

​Coaching is an invaluable tool in helping you to achieve the life that you desire. Through my personal coaching experiences, I have gained so much! I have seen transformations in my clients that are sometimes subtle and gradual, and sometimes ​instant. If you are ready to move forward in your life with loving guidance and assistance, then schedule your complimentary session with me today and we will discuss how I can help!

Email me at or call 417-830-9875 to set up a session!

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Stacy Rust, Life Coaching