The Mesa Building Program

Mesa building, a Peruvian/Incan energy medicine, is a transformative path of personal healing, empowerment, spiritual growth, and coming into balance with our true selves, relationships, and connection to nature, work, and life purpose.

In this program, students experience personal healing and receive tools to clear old wounds and open to greater empowerment and connection. They learn about the Peruvian/Incan cosmology and practices for energy clearing, grounding, enhancing intuition and synchronicity, and coming into greater connection with themselves, Mother Earth, and all manifestations of Spirit. Through ceremony and the creation of a personal mesa/medicine bag, students heal their woundedness; transforming wounds into sources of power. The formation of an ayllu, or sacred group, supports each participant to grow beyond where they have been able to go before. Each student will cultivate their personal experience and emerge with applicable tools to continue their healing journey beyond the class setting.

The Mesa Building Program unfolds through participation in three group classes, taught in a retreat format, that occur approximately six months apart.

Lisa Ziebell is the instructor of the Mesa Building Program. Lisa imparts the wisdom of the Peruvian/Incan cosmology to students and guides them in developing their mesa and personal practice. Based on her years of study in Peru and personal healing experience, Lisa teaches students the practices of this medicine and how they can apply them to daily life. She guides students in shaping their personal journey, clarifying intentions, and developing their intuition. As a healing practitioner, she also holds space for students to express and experience personal healing during the class and assists them in clearing wounds to expand into greater empowerment, grace, and joy. For a complete profile of Lisa’s experience, visit her Shamanic Practitioner page here.

Lisa was recently interviewed by Beyond Studio. This recording is free for listeners at:

You can reach Lisa at 417-827-9217 or connect with her on Facebook.

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