The Self Discovery Center

The Self Discovery Center was founded as a vehicle to help provide the building blocks needed to move from just existing in this life to a state of being in which each individual has the opportunity to awaken into Self Awareness. We provide workshops, course work and services that gives everyone the ability to move forward on the path of enlightenment.

Goey in meditation

Goey in meditation

We know that every experience is an opportunity to learn, in fact, this is why we are here, to gain permanent understanding by learning from each experience that we have. Developing the ability to live intuitively is the next step in human evolution. This will be a world where peace prevails, abundance flourishes, and harmony within the Self creates harmony with the Universe. Join us in continuing to learn and share on this wonderful path of unfolding expansion.



Workshops and Coursework

Our courses and workshops were created with the ideal of teaching the practices and principles of leading a holistic and meditative life for the betterment of humanity, and for the purpose of strengthening mental, emotional, and spiritual wisdom within each individual.

Our workshops can be taken individually as stand-alone classes or in sequence to help provide you with the tools necessary to create a spiritually rewarding life. We provide practical steps that allow you to achieve stillness while meditating and also give you the ability to harness the power of Universal Law through harmonization. All of our classes and workshops provide you with simple techniques and exercises designed to enhance specific skills for mental, emotional, and spiritual advancement.

Classes and Workshops:Goey's painting

• Dream Interpretation
• Self-Acceptance
• Concentration
• Meditation
• Universal Laws
• Intuition
• Seeker of Truth (Sadhaka)


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Classes and workshops are held at: 837 S Ferguson Ave, Springfield, MO 65806
Contact Tracy Terrill or Goey Smith at 417-894-2577

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